Students are My Teachers

Learnings from Leading Retreats, Teaching, and Companioning

“Learn from our teachers, Yes. But our teachers are often hidden in the people we are called to Serve.” I jotted this on a popsicle stick I carry with me. ​You’ve experienced such moments: an angry student’s outburst goads the class alive. You begin your key point when an oddball mumbles a story that leaves everyone gasping, Wow! An addict storms into your retreat fresh off the streets. How can irritations morph into transformations? How can you be prepared not to be prepared? Tap gifts of introverts and extroverts? Tend your own soul while tending others? Find gifts in your own goofs? Drawing on art, films, poetry, silent times apart—plus your imagination—find yourself siphoning up serendipitous memories that give you clues. 

Led by  Dr. Kent Ira Groff



Friday, June 14, 2019

Christ Presbyterian Church
421 Deerfield Road
Camp Hill, PA 17011


9:30 am - 3:30 pm


$65 - $85, as you are able. Please bring a bagged lunch,

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or call 717-737-8222

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Dr. Kent Ira Groff, Founding Mentor of Oasis Ministries, lives in Denver, CO. Here Kent harvests his life as a companion for other journeyers; a retreat leader/teacher in prisons, seminaries and conferences in the U.S. and *abroad; and a writer poet. He’s author of ten books, including Honest to God Prayer, What Would I Believe If I Didn’t Believe Anything? and Writing Tides; The Schmoo & The Sheen by Dr. O’Keen (Pics by Een)—and soon Washing Machine Stories: Seeds in Soiled Stuff. He also enjoys photography, woodworking, piano, native flute, arting and cooking. * Photo: Zimbabwe