The Men4Directions program for 2018-2019 is no longer being offered. Please consider the other 3 Year Long Programs offered by Oasis Ministries.

Please note:

Lead Teacher
Roy Shirley

Retreat Location:

Camp Krislund
189 Krislund Drive, Box 116
Madisonburg, PA 16852
(814) 422-8878

Tuition: $900 per year

Please contact our office for more information:
(717) 737-8222


One Year Program
Men4Directions is a renewable year long program* with Oasis Ministries intended to help men grow in faith, self-awareness, and spiritual wholeness. 
* In an effort to deepen community and foster long-term growth, participants are welcome and encouraged to continue on the M4D journey in subsequent years. While cyclical, the M4D model may also be thought of as an on-going spiral allowing us to  ascend to new heights together.  Participants who register for additional year(s) receive a discount on the tuition for  each additional year(s).
We can all use help finding our way from time to time—men are no different. Men need the support of one another to be honest and real about life. Through small group discussions, monthly consultation with a "spiritual brother", and contemplative practice, men are encouraged to know themselves, listen to the still small voice within, and to honor their souls. 
4 Directions
The directions refer to east, south, west, and north— compass points along our
journeys. It’s not a linear approach, but a circular path that honors the rhythms of
life. The cycle of the day, too, is acknowledged: morning, noon, evening, and night; four seasons of each day, a life-time in the making.

4 Seasonal Gatherings
  1. Looking SOUTH at vitality, the heat of the day, Imagination
  2. Looking WEST at our shadows, the dark side of our lives, mystery, soul
  3. Looking NORTH at wisdom, the stillness of winter, competence, and strength.
  4. Looking EAST toward new beginnings, the advent of life, the rising of the sun, birth and rebirth. A contemporary version of a vision quest will accompany this final gathering as well as a 24-hour fast and solo experience in the wilderness

4 Commitments Make it Happen
  1. Covenant - a promise among brothers to study, pray, share, and grow together for one year.
  2. Community - quarterly retreats in the woods to listen, discuss, and discern with others. The time between retreats will be bolstered by one-to-one elder mentoring and peer support.
  3. Contemplation - a regular practice of silence and solitude 
  4. Compassion - a regular practice of service to others  

Is Men4Directions right for you?


  • Do you long for a connection with other men that runs deep?
  • Does the idea of sharing with brothers about your spiritual life interest you?
  • Do you want to understand your life journey in a wa​​​y that brings greater freedom?
  • Do you long to find ways to engage your life in service beyond your work?
  • Do you feel drawn to be in nature as a place of belonging?
 .pdf Flyer Available to Download
pdf Brochure with complete information to view or download​

Dates for Men4Directions

First Gathering

4:00 pm Friday - 4:00 pm Saturday

9/14/18 - 9/15/18

Second Gathering

6:00 pm Friday - 3:00 pm Saturday

11/16/18 - 11/17/18

Third Gathering

6:00 pm Friday - 3:00 pm Saturday

2/15/19 - 2/16/19

Fourth Gathering

6:00 pm Friday - 1:00 pm Monday

5/3/19 - 5/6/19

Additional Information

TUITION: $900*, plus an Application Fee of $100 (non-refundable, not part of tuition).
The balance of tuition may be paid in full at any time.

               If the application is received by May 31, 2018, the participant will receive a discount of $50 from the tuition.
               If the application is received after August 31, 2018, $50 will be added to their tuition fee.

*Participants who have previously completed the Oasis Ministries Men4Directions program will receive a discounted tuition rate of $720 (normally $900).

Payments by check or credit card  (MasterCard, Visa and Discover) are welcome. If paying via installments we anticipate $100 (plus $50 if application was received after August 31, 2018, minus $50 if application was received prior to May 31, 2018) due upon acceptance into the program and payments of $200 by each gathering date in September, November, Feburary, and May.  
If withdrawing prior to September 1, 2018, a full refund of tuition already paid will be returned, less $50 to cover administrative time and processing.

Program fee remains the same regardless of the number of sessions attended. Oasis rarely cancels due to weather. If a regular program is cancelled due to weather an online meeting may be possible and any missed content will be made available to participants. No refunds for snow days or for sessions a participant needs to miss.

Some scholarship assistance available.  Call to inquire.

Men4Directions Teacher
  1. Roy Shirley
    Roy Shirley- is a licensed professional counselor and a spiritual director. He completed his spiritual direction training in 2016 through Oasis Ministries. Roy is currently enrolled in The Living School for Action and Contemplation in Albuquerque, NM, where he is seeking to learn and help others deepen their engagement with God, their truest selves, and the world. He leads retreats and workshops related to understanding and embracing your unique story and for men’s topics related to male spirituality and their life journey. Roy was a participant in Men4Directions for two years.