​​​2017-2018 Year Long Programs​

​​ Deepening Year for Direction Ministries

Deepening Year for Direction Ministries is a year long program for graduates of a spiritual direction program.

This is a year long program in continuing education consisting of two retreats and six monthly sessions for practicing spiritual directors who desire to deepen their discernment and enhance their direction skills in a contemplative approach to the art of spiritual direction.
Spiritual Direction for Spiritual Guides
Spiritual Direction for Spiritual Guides is a two year program in contemplative spiritual direction.

During the two years of learning the art of spiritual direction, participants will discover the richness of contemplative community, the intimacy of small group interaction, and the gift of close supervision in the practicum portion of the program.
Contemplative Leadership

Contemplative Leadership is a one year, certificate program in spiritual deepening and contemplative Leadership.

​This program is ideal for both pastors and others seeking to deepen contemplation in ministry and life. Most participants will have previously found some contemplative practices transformative in their personal life and desire to grow in creating and equipping contemplative groups in their communities and desire the contemplative to shape and infuse their leadership.

Men4Directions is a renewable year long program intended to help men grow in faith, self-awareness, and spiritual wholeness.

We can all use help finding our way from time to time-men are no different. Men need the support of one another to be honest and real about life. Through small group discussions, monthly consultation with a "spiritual brother," and contemplative practice, men are encouraged to know themselves, listen to the still small voice within, and to honor their souls.
​​Why Oasis Might be Right For You! ​​
Which Program?

Why do people come? Why when they come to one program, do they often come back for more? For some, it is straight forward--they are looking for training in spiritual direction or contemplation. We offer quality training in those areas, so they come and treasure what they find. But for others it is far from straight forward. They feel a draw toward a deeper walk with God and are really looking to find a community, where that desire resonates on the faces of others as they speak it into the opening circle. Or they have some notion of wanting to be able to lovingly listen to others around spiritual matters and come hoping to be equipped in that way. Some want to take their prayer to new levels of communion. Some come wanting to balance seminary academics with immersion into the mystery of God. Some have walked from church without walking from Spirit and seek to grow and integrate their spiritual life in new ways and learn from other seekers on the path.

 What draws you? What tugs at your heart and spirit? What would it mean to deepen your trust right there? Know from Oasis, if you come we will meet you where you are and surround you with a loving, safe, and contemplative learning community. More than anything else, that is what Oasis offers.
          --Glenn Mitchell, Director of Oasis


Spiritual Direction for Spiritual Guides

--Do you like being a listener to others--receiving from others their stories, their longings, their dreams and experiences?
--Do you find that others often seek you out to share their spiritual queries?
--Do you long for a spiritual home--a place where who you are finds a safe and supportive community? A place where you can continue to learn and grow?
--Do you love to ponder or ask life's big questions?
--Do you long for an inner quiet amidst the busyness and overflow of daily life?

Contemplative Leadership
--Do you hunger for ways to go deeper in your spiritual life?
--In your prayer life are you feeling drawn to fewer words?
--Do you feel invited to accompany and lead others in the practice of prayer?
--Would you like to find ways to integrate your leadership more deeply with your spiritual life?
--Do you cherish the energy that stirs when people gather together in prayer or meditation?

Deepening Year for Direction Ministries
--Have you missed the spiritual community you shared when you were a part of your spiritual direction training cohort?
--Do you want to keep learning on the path of being a spiritual director?
--Do you want to find ways to deepen your presence with others?
--Would you like to explore what might be entailed in growing your spiritual direction practice?
--Are you ready for fresh ways of receiving supervision in your work?


 More Information about Year Long Programs

​​​Upcoming Day Retreats

​​​​​ Deeper Into the Wild Hike​​​​

​​​​​ Annual Poetry as Prayer Day:
Denise Levertov

​Join Glenn Mitchell as we celebrate our 9th annual Poetry as Prayer Day featuring the work of poet Denise Levertov, whose long career illuminated the human condition. Levertov was passionate about human experience: love, motherhood, nature, war, the nuclear arms race, the environment, mysticism, faith, poetry, and the role of the poet, all found their way into her "invocations of humanity." (Joan F. Hallisey). Come and share in this day as we let her words speak to us in our day and awaken in us our own invocations of humanity. 

A Day Beholding Birds
The beautiful setting of St. Francis Center for Renewal is the setting where your leaders Linda Klopp and Glenn Mitchell explore a day beholding the beauty and wonder of birds. We will allow the birds to be our guides into our own meditation, into our own sense of being. We will open to the birds speaking to us beyond the sounds of their calls and the flash of their bright feathers in the sun. We will deepen our encounter with all that we experience. We want to end the day not so much with a list but with a deeper peace and many sweet memories of where we were met, where we were enlivened, by the birds we beheld.


​​​Join Michael Allwein, Barbara Hutchinson, and Marjorie Ellen Rupert on any of the 4 hikes offered per year. Celebrate the changing of seasons during this 5-7 mile hike in southeast PA or northern MD. Hiking participants will be guided into times of reflection, sharing, solitude, and community. September's hike will be at Kelly's Run and Pinnacle Trails at the Pinnacle Overlook at Susquehannock State Park, Holtwood, PA.  Attend any or all of the remaining opportunities this year:

* Thursday, April 26, 2018
* Thursday, June 21, 2018

Annual Thomas Merton Day Retreat

​Glenn Mitchell gathers everyone together this June for a day apart with the works of Thomas Merton. We have been gathering annually for 15 years in the beautiful setting of Still Waters to explore the continuing contribution of Merton. Thomas Merton (1915-1968), Trappist monk, writer, poet, contemplative, was one of the most influential Christian voices of the 20th century. The day will hold reflections on a theme, time for retreat along the banks of the lovely Conodoguinet Creek, and time to share with other seekers.

The Contemplative Art of
Watching Butterflies

Teresa Knipper, Spiritual Director, master gardener, and intuitive art teacher will offer this day long program about the contemplative art of watching butterflies.  The program will include instruction on the best plants to use to attract butterflies to your home garden, tips on viewing and photographing butterflies, and suggestions on field guides and garden information. Ample time will be provided to settle inward and discover the significance of butterflies in your own personal journey through private prayer time journaling and art experience. The day will also include walks to view butterflies in the Mercer Educational Gardens. Please dress for the outdoors with sturdy shoes, hat, insect repellent and sunscreen if you use, and bring water and lunch.

More Day Retreat Offerings

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