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Why do people come? Why when they come to one program, do they often come back for more? For some, it is straight forward--they are looking for training in spiritual direction or contemplation. We offer quality training in those areas, so they come and treasure what they find. But for others it is far from straight forward. They feel a draw toward a deeper walk with God and are really looking to find a community, where that desire resonates on the faces of others as they speak it into the opening circle. Or they have some notion of wanting to be able to lovingly listen to others around spiritual matters and come hoping to be equipped in that way. Some want to take their prayer to new levels of communion. Some come wanting to balance seminary academics with immersion into the mystery of God. Some have walked from church without walking from Spirit and seek to grow and integrate their spiritual life in new ways and learn from other seekers on the path.

 What draws you? What tugs at your heart and spirit? What would it mean to deepen your trust right there? Know from Oasis, if you come we will meet you where you are and surround you with a loving, safe, and contemplative learning community. More than anything else, that is what Oasis offers.
          --Glenn Mitchell, Director of Oasis


Drawing from the Depths of Spirit



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The Enneagram:
Beyond the Basics

The Enneagram: Beyond the Basics is a day-long learning opportunity for those with a rudimentary knowledge of the Enneagram who desire to deepen their understanding of this ancient spiritual self-awareness method. Jo Ann Kunz will invite participants to explore the Enneagram’s wisdom in facilitating personal and interpersonal shadow and integration work (especially helpful at midlife), identifying life-giving responses during times of both stress and relaxation, offering invitations to style-specific prayer modalities, and increasing awareness of relational dynamics, particularly relating to celebration, compassion, and forgiveness.
The Life of Hildegard von Bingen

Join Kathleen Roney and Dale Selover on Sunday, March 18, for an afternoon learning about the life of Hildegard von Bingen. This FREE workshop will enlighten you to the universal genius of one of the most important women of Medieval times. As an abbess, Hildegard von Bingen was highly educated in natural remedies and the healing arts. She also contributed numerous musical and theological works during her life. Did you know that Hildegard was a counselor and an admonisher for the pope, emperor and bishops and yet was also admired and honored by the common people?
​​​Join Michael Allwein, Barbara Hutchinson, and Marjorie Ellen Rupert on any of the 4 hikes offered per year. Celebrate the changing of seasons during this 5-7 mile hike in southeast PA or northern MD. Hiking participants will be guided into times of reflection, sharing, solitude, and community. September's hike will be at Kelly's Run and Pinnacle Trails at the Pinnacle Overlook at Susquehannock State Park, Holtwood, PA.  Attend any or all of the remaining opportunities this year:

* Thursday, April 26, 2018
* Thursday, June 21, 2018

​​​​​ Annual Poetry as Prayer Day:
Denise Levertov

​Join Glenn Mitchell as we celebrate our 9th annual Poetry as Prayer Day featuring the work of poet Denise Levertov, whose long career illuminated the human condition. Levertov was passionate about human experience: love, motherhood, nature, war, the nuclear arms race, the environment, mysticism, faith, poetry, and the role of the poet, all found their way into her "invocations of humanity." (Joan F. Hallisey). Come and share in this day as we let her words speak to us in our day and awaken in us our own invocations of humanity. 

Art and Soul with 
Thérèse of Lisieux

Celebrate the artist in you with inspirations from the life of Thérèse of Lisieux, creative contemplative and mighty mystic led by Maria Cirillo-Lein, Catherine Forberger, and Kathleen Tavani.  Come to know the depth of her devotion, the breadth of her artistic creation, and the power of her spiritual wisdom that is manifest in her writings and meditations.  Experience the process of art journaling through a variety of writing, gazing and illustrative exercises.  Learn to use simple art materials to help focus, express or respond to prayer through drawing, painting, collage, illumination, mixed media and more.

Journey to Wholeness

Come join Cheri Roth for this day of play and creating! We will use various art mediums and contemplative practices as we explore our Story within a nature setting! Dress to be messy!!!

Joseph Campbell discovered a pattern within every story ever told--a Hero/Heroine’s Journey. Each one of us is given this Invitation in Life. What is the Story/Stories we tell ourselves and others? Is it time to Re-Write our Story? During this retreat we will explore various stories (myths, legends, and fairytales) that help us see this pattern as well as take a look at our own Life and Our Stories…Throughout the day we will hold our willingness to relinquish the life we've planned, "...so as to have the life that is waiting for us…"  --Joseph Campbell

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