Gratitude Rising from the Oasis Celebration Banquet

Oasis does treasure its gatherings. Fifty-one of us came together at Kenbrook the evening of November 12. For a bunch of contemplatives there was quite a buzz around the room as we caught up with old friends and met some new. We expressed our gratitude to Nancy Bieber for her 21 years of teaching and leading with Oasis. My words honoring her time with us can be found here.

Nancy led us to our inner light one more time as she offered queries for table contemplation and discussion after dinner. There was some real quiet then as well as rich sharing around the tables and a recommitment to share the light we are with the world. Additional photos from the evening can be viewed on our Oasis Ministries YouTube Channel here:

 A slide show that Betsy Keller pulled together that will take you through the years of Oasis can also be found on our YouTube channel, but here is a direct link:

The evening ended with a number of people responding to Paul Gennett Jr.'s giving challenge by becoming ministry makers or making a gift to Oasis.

If you have not yet made a gift to Oasis in Nancy's honor you can give us a call at 717-737-8222 or donate here:

All of us on staff offer our prayers of gratitude for the gift that you are and the gifts that you share with others.

Blessings to you this holiday season!

Glenn Mitchell, Director
We were also blessed to visit with our Founding Mentor, Kent Ira Groff, and his wife, Freddy, at the banquet.  What a blessing to have the opportunity to have him pray for our meal together.
This is the poem he read:
Celtic Presence

I trust your Presence
Above me to love me,
Around me to ground me,
Beside me to guide me,
Behind me to find me,
Before me to lure me,
Beneath me to keep me,
Within me to win me,
Always… all ways…
 —Kent Ira Groff©