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Why do people come? Why when they come to one program, do they often come back for more? For some, it is straight forward--they are looking for training in spiritual direction or contemplation. We offer quality training in those areas, so they come and treasure what they find. But for others it is far from straight forward. They feel a draw toward a deeper walk with God and are really looking to find a community, where that desire resonates on the faces of others as they speak it into the opening circle. Or they have some notion of wanting to be able to lovingly listen to others around spiritual matters and come hoping to be equipped in that way. Some want to take their prayer to new levels of communion. Some come wanting to balance seminary academics with immersion into the mystery of God. Some have walked from church without walking from Spirit and seek to grow and integrate their spiritual life in new ways and learn from other seekers on the path.

 What draws you? What tugs at your heart and spirit? What would it mean to deepen your trust right there? Know from Oasis, if you come we will meet you where you are and surround you with a loving, safe, and contemplative learning community. More than anything else, that is what Oasis offers.
          --Glenn Mitchell, Director of Oasis Ministries


Drawing from the Depths of Spirit



June 2018 Day Retreats

For 2018-2019 Day Retreat Information, please visit our Day Retreats 2018-2019 webpage

Still and Still Moving ​​

How can you practice “stillness in motion” in tattered threads of your life’s web? Kent Grof will help participants learn ways to open to surprise—with silent times, film clips, music, writing, gestures, and reading. Examples: pause with another to convert your insight into a question?; invite “silent applause” in groups; use “examen” in the shower to discern a centering word/image—then expect still points on the go; enter your “portable monastery” at the computer. As you weave life’s web with “still spaces,” experience interactive contemplative moments while moving still. 
*T.S. Eliot phrase .
Date: Friday, June 15,  2018
Time:  9:30 am - 3:30 pm
Location: Christ Presbyterian Church
 421 Deerfield Road, Camp Hill, PA 17011   

Cost: $60- $85 (as you are able)  ​
Register online or call the office at 717-737-8222

​*Please bring a bag lunch, drinks will be provided.

Download the flyer for more information.

Deeper into the Wild:
Hiking the Seasons


Join Mike Allwein, Marjorie Rupert, and Barbara Hutchinson for a terrific day on paths that are mostly shaded, trails that include ponds, bridges, birds, bugs and other small creatures that make for an exciting adventure!  If there is too much rain in the prior days, we will have to avoid the Swamp Creek Trial, but let’s wait and see!  There are other trails to explore!  There will be time to talk, to reflect and share fellowship along the way. 

Please pack a lunch, snacks, and plenty of water.  One 16oz bottle will not be enough, especially if it is warm. We will hear a few  reflections, some by Jan Richardson on St. Francis of Assisi’s “Brother Sun” very appropriate for the summer solstice the day of longest daylight of the year!  The team looks forward to seeing you all soon for this wonderful hike into the wild! 

Date: Thursday, June 21,2018
Time: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm
Location: The trails at the Strawberry Hill Nature Center and Preserve 
537 Mount Hope Road, Fairfield, PA  17320
Cost: $25-$50.  (as you are able)
Register online or call 717-737-8222

Download the flyer for more information.

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Day Retreats 2018-2019 webpage

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